United for Infrastructure 2021 Kickoff Event

Lead With Infrastructure

In United for Infrastructure’s 9th year, we are asking our partners across America’s business, labor, civil society, and federal, state and local government to commit to Lead With Infrastructure. Now. This is our moment and stakeholders across the spectrum need to rally our lawmakers to seize it. As a new Administration and Congress debate a once-in-a-generation infrastructure package – on the heels of a global pandemic and a unique economic recession – what priorities matter most to America’s workers, businesses, and local communities? How should outcomes like resilience, safety, employment, and economic competitiveness guide federal policy? What does infrastructure mean for the jobs of the future, and how do we build the talent pipeline to build a new generation of middle-class jobs? What is the scope of the needs facing communities, and what federal policy interventions – from new funding and financing tools to modernizing our infrastructure permitting regime to leveraging research and development – can have the most impact? These – and many more – are the questions we and our affiliates will address throughout our annual week of education and advocacy – starting with our kickoff event.

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