Agenda 9.17.20


Throughout the week, check out our #RebuildBetter Around America video series—sharing stories of what leaders from coast to coast are doing—or need —to rebuild better. We invite you to share your own story—grab your phone or camera, and spend a few minutes discussing the challenges you and your community face, and how you're using infrastructure to solve them. Post them to Twitter this week and tag it #RebuildBetter!

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez on what it means to #RebuildBetter.

AECOM EVP Beverley Stinson shares how water utilities can leverage wastewater-based epidemiology as a leading-edge indicator of the spread of COVID in a community.


Today's podcast episodes from leaders across the sector!

Featured Podcast Congressman Earl Blumenauer on How America can #RebuildBetter

Congressman Earl Blumenauer shares his perspective on the pandemic shifting how we use infrastructure and the need to care for broadband services, our water systems, and new transportation patterns. 

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Sponsored Podcast: Can indoor spaces adapt to COVID-19?

A big challenge in co-existing with the COVID-19 pandemic is understanding how to create safe indoor spaces. Scott Rechler, CEO of New York City-based RxR Realty, provides examples of the digital innovation being used to reinvent buildings.

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Featured Podcast: AECOM's Michael Renshaw on How America can Rebuild Better

Renshaw talks about how infrastructure plays a critical role in COVID-19 recovery, the essential workers responding to community needs, and how an infrastructure stimulus would give a long-term economic return.

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