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Flood Resilient Infrastructure and Job Creation

The American Flood Coalition and researchers from Johns Hopkins University 21st Century Cities Initiative are releasing the findings from a new report, The Local Economic Impact of Flood-Resilient Infrastructure Projects. As the U.S. experiences an unprecedented storm season and economic recession, the new study investigates how flood resilience projects create jobs, stimulate local markets, and bring additional benefits like increased property values, positive public health effects, and added recreational space.

On this webinar, Matthew E. Kahn, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Economics and Business at Johns Hopkins University and the Director of JHU’s 21st Century Cities Initiative, and Melissa Roberts, Executive Director of the American Flood Coalition, will present the new findings from the report. The webinar will feature a conversation on urgency of investing in flood resilience now in order to save lives, create jobs, and build lasting, sustainable communities. Special guests include:

  • The Honorable Henry McMaster, Governor, South Carolina
  • The Honorable Garret Graves, Representative, Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District
  • Paul Ajegba, Director, Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Melissa Roberts, Executive Director, the American Flood Coalition
  • Matthew E. Kahn, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Economics and Business, -Johns Hopkins University
  • Joseph Kane, Senior Research Associate and Associate Fellow, the Brookings Institution
  • Joseph Feest, Economic Development Director, City of Meriden, CT

Read the whole report at:

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