September 16, 2020 from 12:00 PM–2:30 PM

Route Fifty Presents Future Cities: Government’s Inside Track to 2020: Infrastructure  

Wednesday, 9/16 12-2PM EDT

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12:00 PM Mayor Spotlight: My 2030 City

Hear from a mayor describe his/her vision for the future of their city.

12:15 PM Designing Spaces: Sketching the City of 2030

How does the city of 2030 look and feel? Perhaps it’ll be car-less and pedestrian-friendly. Maybe it’ll emphasize more green space. The possibilities are endless. In this session, we will present visual renderings of how a city planner, architects and artists envision the city of 2030 and discuss what is needed to make these designs a reality

·         Trinity Simons, Director, Mayors Institute on City Design

12:30 PM Nurturing Nature

The climate is changing, resulting in potentially disastrous health and socioeconomic effects in urban environments. From the air we breathe to the water we drink, how we interact with our natural environment will be instrumental in the durability of cities in the coming decade. This session will explore how cities make economically sound development decisions, while prioritizing resilience and infusing equity. 

·         Emily Feenstra, Managing Director of Government Relations and Infrastructure Initiatives, American Society of Civil Engineers

·         Liz Beardsley, Senior Policy Counsel, U.S. Green Building Council

1:00 PM Coffee Break
1:10 PM Elite Underwriter Session #3

·         Thomas Topolski, AICP, CCEP-I, Executive Vice President, Parsons Corporation

·         Phil Silver, Leader, Transportation, State & Local Government, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

1:30 PM Designing Spaces #2
1:45 PM Builder Beware: Built Environment Use Case

This session will discuss new innovations in street and road design. We’ll explore how these innovations might have unintended consequences that will reinforce inefficiencies and inequities of the past. And discuss how to develop and deploy solutions that will fit into the vision of future-focused cities.

·         Dr. Destiny Thomas, Director, Thrivance Project

2:15 PM Retrofitting Metropolis

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed just how much of our current infrastructure isn’t health conscious, environmentally friendly or equitably distributed. Unequivocally, the city infrastructure of 2030 must be flexible. From transit systems to building standards to digital infrastructure, this session will explore how city infrastructure is the first large-scale opportunity to right systemic wrongs in constructing a prosperous future for all who live there. We’ll discuss what opportunities might exist for cities to retrofit and redesign how cities are constructed.

·         Karina Ricks, Director, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh

·         Eric Boyette, Secretary of Transportation, North Carolina

·         Moderator: Brooks Rainwater, Senior Executive & Director, Center for City Solutions, National League of Cities