September 17, 2020 from 2:00 PM–3:00 PM

We are at a unique moment in water infrastructure. The challenges of the global pandemic, structural inequities, and a changing climate are sources of stress on water utilities. But these challenges also present opportunities for great innovation. This is a rare opportunity for us to #RebuildBetter and highlight the innovations water utilities are implementing in their own backyards. One of the great sources of inspiration and experimentation for utilities is their own facilities. Projects that re-envision and redesign utility capabilities can demonstrate the effectiveness of a new technology or approach, and can serve to inspire wider adoption.

Held during United for Infrastructure’s Week to Champion America’s Infrastructure, this webinar spotlights three One Water utilities that are paving the way with innovative approaches to alternative energy and building-scale water reuse. Leaders from each utility will share how these projects can serve to encourage knowledge sharing and to spread One Water ideas to scale.


  • Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, US Water Alliance


  • Brian Good, Chief Administrative Officer, Denver Water
  • Paula Kehoe, Director of Water Resources, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • Saul Kinter, Business Development Program Manager, DC Water