September 21, 2020 from 11:00 AM–12:00 PM

Building Forward: Construction Technology & Innovation to Accelerate Recovery

How innovation in design and construction can accelerate recovery

Hosted by United for Infrastructure

America’s infrastructure is due for an upgrade. The nation’s infrastructure backlog is well-documented, with needs that stretch across all modes and that long predate the current health and economic crises. As the country looks to build back from the pandemic’s fallout, many policymakers in Washington and beyond are considering addressing that backlog – and future needs – as part of a broader economic recovery effort. The pandemic has forced the infrastructure industry to innovate in real time and has accelerated trends, begun decades earlier through legislation, toward the widespread adoption of digital tools to build more innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable infrastructure. To rebuild the nation’s highways and bridges, ports and transit systems, water utilities and public buildings – and rebuild them better – policymakers, infrastructure owners, and developers must look to do even more in the coming years – and on tighter budgets.

This panel will explore the role of technology in achieving better outcomes across infrastructure design and construction, capital planning and development, and the safety and resilience of infrastructure assets. It will address how the engineers, contractors, and owners who design, build and operate assets can better integrate technologies into this process, and how government policies can foster adoption of innovation in design and construction.


  • Congressman Jared Huffman (D-CA2)
  • Catarina Saraiva, Reporter, Bloomberg News
  • Jim Lynch, VP and General Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions
  • Robert Ridgell, Assistant District Construction Engineer, Virginia DOT
  • Dan Smolilo, Director of Process and Innovation, The Walsh Group
  • Zachary Schafer, CEO, United for Infrastructure


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