ICYMI Communications Webinar Recap – New economic data, plan a great local event, IWeek toolkits!

Infrastructure Week 2019 hosted a webinar for more than 100 communicators on February 21 to share new data on the economic benefits of investing in infrastructure. We also talked about creating compelling local events, and shared new resources for Infrastructure Week 2019 participants.

New economic data from the Business Roundtable

First, Infrastructure Week Steering Committee member Business Roundtable presented the results of their new economic report, Delivering for America.

The report includes economic data on both the cost of inaction and the benefits to the economy if we were to fund our infrastructure needs, such as “Over 20 years, every additional $1 invested in infrastructure drives roughly $3.70 in additional economic growth.”

*Statistics from BRT Delivering for America Report.

Be sure to check out the state by state map on BRT’s Delivering for America website, where you can pull fact sheets to get specific economic data for all 50 states. Thanks to Matt Sonnesyn and Rayna Farrell of BRT for sharing the data and helpful resources!

Check out state-by-state data on jobs, household income, and industries at the Delivering for America website!

How to plan a great local infrastructure event

Then we heard from long-time Infrastructure Week affiliate, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, which gave an amazing presentation on how to develop compelling events to tell the story of infrastructure to the public. Allison Fore and Jennifer Burns of MWRD shared thorough instructions and lots of creative ideas for low-cost and fun ways to bring the public in and see something they don’t often get access to: a water treatment plant. From music while guests wait in line to tours offered in multiple languages, MWRD has all the bases covered. Their special Infrastructure Week water treatment tours bring in hundreds of people annually. MWRD kindly shared their resources in case you need some guidance for creating an event, so feel free to copy their Invitation, Flier, Event Supplies Checklist, Staff Briefing, or Sign In Sheet if you need some direction!

New Toolkits from Infrastructure Week

Of course, Infrastructure Week has a lot of resources you can use too. Check out all the new resources for 2019, including lots of social media graphics, template op-eds, and more.

Watch the webinar here and stay tuned, because if you missed it, we are going to offer one more in the coming weeks! Remember, it is never too early to sign up https://unitedforinfrastructure.org/joinus/ and start using the 2019 hashtag #BuildForTomorrow on social media.


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