We encourage everyone to talk to the press, their constituents, their friends, and family about the critical role infrastructure plays in their lives. To help out, we’ve created a number of free resources to help spread the message.

For one week in September, United for Infrastructure is a great time to think creatively about how to talk about infrastructure – to your policymakers, to your voters and constituents, to your community. The ideas below are just a starting point.

Plan a Web-Event

We can’t convene in person this year, but elevating your infrastructure priorities, challenges, and solutions has never been more important. This year we encourage you to join us with a virtual event. Plan a webinar or virtual roundtable on the issues most important to you, and let us help you publicize it by posting it on our event calendar (coming soon).

The cost of hosting a virtual event on platforms such as Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more is very low – much lower than planning most in-person events. And, because geography doesn’t matter, it’s easier than ever to get the expert speakers you want to join your event – not to mention a nationwide audience.

Not sure how to get started? Let us help:

Plan a (Virtual) Infrastructure Tour

In the past you’ve held open houses or taken the press on insider tours of your project or facility. This year, open your doors to everyone with a virtual video tour that shows how you’re helping your community to #BuildBackBetter! It doesn’t need to be fancy – just show us around and tell your story, then post it on twitter and tag it to #RebuildBetter. Reach out to use at to let us know and we’ll be sure to highlight it.

Celebrate Your Infrastructure Heroes

More than 17 million American’s infrastructure heroes have shown incredible courage and dedication to our communities through the global pandemic.  They’ve kept water flowing to our homes, our supply chains moving, transported other essential workers to their jobs on busses, trains, and along highway.

This week, join us in recognizing their work. More to come soon on our coordinated campaign to say: Thank you.


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