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United for Infrastructure 2022: Lead with Infrastructure

In 2022, United for Infrastructure is all about implementation! For over a decade, our steering committee, along with hundreds of partners across the country, have worked to explain the importance of investing in resilient, modern, and equitable infrastructure. We are thrilled that congress and the administration finally delivered the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law—a transformative investment that will pay dividends for generations to come. In 2022 our goal is to accelerate the policies and projects that America needs.

From scaling up the workforce to getting into the weeds on implementing the new federal legislation, there is more to talk about in 2022 than ever before. Water systems, surface transportation, public transit, and modernizing our electric grid are all on the table. How can regions make themselves competitive for receiving federal funds? What bottlenecks are the private sector anticipating in labor and materials as so many projects ram up simultaneously? There will be a myriad of topics to unpack during United for Infrastructure 2022. Learn more about opportunities to get engaged by reading our participation guide:

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