Agenda 9.15.20


Throughout the week, check out our #RebuildBetter Around America video series—sharing stories of what leaders from coast to coast are doing—or need—to rebuild better. We invite you to share your own story— grab your phone or camera, and spend a few minutes discussing the challenges you and your community face, and how you're using infrastructure to solve them. Post them to Twitter this week and tag it #RebuildBetter!

Kim Slaughter, SVP, HNTB - Introduction to the #RebuildBetter Around America Video Series

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten on Rebuilding America's Schools and Broadband Infrastructure


Today's podcast episodes from leaders across the sector!

Featured Podcast: Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO President Larry Willis

Representing 32 labor unions across all facets of transportation - from construction to operations to manufacturing and beyond - Larry Willis talks to us about getting Americans back to work!

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Sponsored Podcast: A connected world we can trust

In using data to bring infrastructure online, cybersecurity conversations tend to focus on everything going wrong. With Laura Bate, a director of cyber engagement at the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission, Barbara delves into a world in which everything goes right instead. Additionally, Laura shares her perspective on how trust, collaboration and focusing on human talent can drive digital innovation.

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Featured Podcast: Intelligent Transportation Society of America's Shailen Bhatt on how America can #RebuildBetter

Bhatt shares insight on intelligent transportation that will aid COVID-19 recovery by supporting a stimulus for transportation and the benefits to our environment.

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